Structural Electronics for Automotive Interiors

This paper presents the results from a joined R&D project between TactoTek and Faurecia. The key benefits of structural electronics are three-dimensional shapes, reduced thickness and weight as well as simplified assembly. The purpose of this project has been to evaluate structural electronics for automotive interior use. The car interior application is a back-seat-control-panel. The structural electronics solution reduces thickness by 70% and weight by 50%. The back-seat-control-panel has been subjected to severe testing based on automotive OEM requirements. Environmental loads have been change of temperature, combination of high humidity and change of temperature as well as combination of UV light and high temperature. None of the components failed during reliability testing.

This whitepaper contains:

  • Introduction to Structural Electronics
  • Introduction to Structural Electronics Manufacturing
  • Back-Seat-Control-Panel Design
  • Results of Reliability Testing
  • Results of Analysis
  • Conclusions
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