Smarter Surfaces for a Smarter Future

Brand owners and manufacturers face challenges on a number of fronts. Ambitious regulatory measures are coming into place that call for more sustainable practices across all operations. Meanwhile, brand differentiation becomes ever more important in the face of growing competition, increased costs and lower consumer spending power. 

IMSE® is a market-ready technology that can offer more sustainable, more efficient, three-dimensional electronic smart molded structures. It integrates and encapsulates printed electronics and standard electronic components within durable 3D injection-molded plastics, reducing material usage and opening up new opportunities that combine design and functionality. 

This whitepaper explores how IMSE® technology can provide brand owners, manufacturers and suppliers with: 

  • Environmental performance throughout the life cycle
  • Innovative, brand-differentiating design 
  • Sustainability throughout the product life cycle 
  • Smarter, more efficient manufacturing processes
  • A reduced total cost of ownership 
  • High manufacturing yield

Download the whitepaper to discover how IMSE® can transform your business practices and take you into a new era of smart surfaces and three-dimensional structures.