Component Packages for IMSE®

TactoTek has developed and commercialized an advanced platform of Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE®). IMSE is an innovative technology and significantly different from the conventional electronics in which components are reflow soldered onto printed circuit boards. Many of the packages optimized for conventional electronics can be used with IMSE technology. However, they are not ideal. In this paper we present the ideal component package for IMSE integration. We also present the TactoTek internal component qualification process. It verifies that component packages do not lower IMSE® manufacturing yield and are reliable in IMSE designs.

This whitepaper contains:

  • Introduction to IMSE technology
  • Introduction to IMSE manufacturing
  • IMSE manufacturing processes
  • Requirements for the ideal IMSE component package
  • TactoTek internal component qualification process

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