Inside TactoTek® - IMSE® Manufacturing Tour

DECEMber 8TH 2021, 10 AM EET/ 4PM CST/ 5 PM JST/ 5PM KST

Welcome to TactoTek HQ!

We invite you to join us on a virtual tour of our headquarters and production facilities. You get a glimpse of daily life at the heart of the TactoTek world and see the IMSE manufacturing process in action. This webinar provides you with a closer look at the different phases of the production process with a real IMSE mass product, the smart cover for PassiveBolt’s award-winning Shepherd Lock. 

The session includes a live Q&A session. A recording of the webinar will be provided to attendees after the webinar.

Fill out the registration form on this page to sign up for the webinar.